Our Model

We Provide Resources For Partner Companies To Build On Their Legacies

About Our Model

GISI Was Created To Bring Competitive Advantage To Our Partner Firms

We are successful together when everyone is invested in contributing to growth, excellence and performance. Our vision is to be the model for creating value that rewards ownership with accountability at all levels of the enterprise.

Strategic Capital

GISI is capitalized by shareholders investing for the long term, and strong cash flows which allow GISI to merge with partners who wish an ownership transition and/or a significant capital base and liquidity to grow and diversify

Global Relationships

Our long-standing business relationships provide access to key professionals, clients, markets and capital that will help augment growth potential and extend our merger-partners’ footprint

Industry Expertise

Our management and team of industry leaders ensure a wealth of AEC knowledge, global relationships, and experience

Employee Ownership

GISI believes investing in our people is the best way to deliver value for our customers. We offer employee ownership to all employees and believe it’s easier to perform like an owner when you are one.

Focus on the Long Term

A tacit belief in investing for the long term – allowing sustainable businesses to grow and prosper.