Ken Dalton


Ken offers GISI and its partner firms an ideal example of one of GISI’s merger concepts referred to as a “reverse merger”. In 2001, when Ken’s company Oscar Faber with a staff of 1,600 merged with AECOM’s Maunsell firm which had a staff of 600, Ken was named CEO of the combined entity as he completed the integration of Faber Maunsell.

Thereafter, through organic growth and “bolt-on mergers”, Ken’s UK/Europe business exceeded staff of 5,000. In addition to managing this business throughout Europe, Ken also developed a global building engineering practice across five continents that also had staff of more than 5,000. His business line practice included M&A activities in India to mega-project growth in North America. Hence within ten years Ken experienced managing a staff of 1600 to one of 10,000.

Throughout Ken’s 40-year career he also exemplified a commitment to having companies be recognized as the best places to work. From 2001 to 2008, the companies Ken managed were consistently recognized as the 100 Best Companies to Work For and/or the Best Workplaces in the UK and Europe.

Ken is a non-executive director of the STO Building Group and in this role, he chairs the Safety, Health & Environment Committee. Ken is actively involved as a non-executive Director at the University of St Andrews and St Leonard’s School, St Andrews. On the University Court, he chairs the SLAS pension scheme, and is a member of the nominations and governance, and the human resources and remuneration committees.