GISI – Global Infrastructure Solutions Inc.


Covid-19 Updates: A Message from GISI Leadership.

We have all been directly and consequentially impacted by the COVID-19 Pandemic as it presents the world with circumstances not faced in the modern era. We hope you are all healthy and safe.

Naturally our first business priority is for the well-being of our employees and their families. As an initial step, we have adapted our contingency plans to include where feasible remote work protocols in accordance with CDC and other applicable best practices to safeguard the immediate health of our colleagues. Our teams have been advised to take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and their families.

Building Valued Partnerships Together

We are Partners in a Different Model

GISI is a unique model for creating value.  Our companies embrace a new model of partnership, where exceptional businesses can transition ownership, grow and diversify without compromising legacy.  The GISI model provides access to global relationships, industry expertise, strategic capital, and employee ownership to empower diverse businesses’ leadership and team to have each unique culture thrive. Our experienced team of engineering and construction executives bring global business knowledge to complement our partner firms’ business execution ensuring growth and performance excellence.   By providing all employees the opportunity to be shareholders, accountability permeates our organization, engaging our workforce to build greater value, together, for our clients and shareholders.

We share accountability as shareholders in mutual growth; of ourselves, our companies, our communities, and our clients.

We are Partners in a Different Model

GISI is a model for creating value. Our companies embrace our partnership approach to transition ownership, and grow and diversify without compromising their legacies, brands, and the opportunity to continue to manage their businesses. GISI is led by a small group of professionals dedicated to creating value for our companies, clients, shareholders, and employees, and is supported by former industry leaders known for their global relationships, industry expertise, and proven track records for developing creative employee ownership concepts.

We believe by providing all employees the opportunity to be shareholders; accountability permeates our organization– engaging our workforce to build greater value, together, for our clients and shareholders. GISI also has the strategic capital to enable our companies to achieve their potential through organic and merger growth. GISI companies have the same core values however, we empower diverse businesses’ leadership to maintain their unique cultures that have allowed them to thrive – this includes honoring and respecting existing brands and leadership teams.

Our Model Is Our Mission

We strive to enhance value for all partner companies by empowering diverse businesses, their people and cultures.

Our Values

Our core beliefs are more than just words. They form the foundation of everything we do – the way we conduct our business, how we treat the people and partners we work with, and why we are committed to making a positive and lasting impact.


Creating trust and cohesion by acting with the highest ethical standards


Investing in our people, and partner companies


Forward thinking that identifies opportunities


Committed to the communities in which we work and serve.


Taking pride in safe, healthy work places


Empowering leadership and learning at all levels


Following a steadfast commitment to mutual respect and trust