Building Valued
Partnerships Together

Global E&C Businesses. Long-term focus.
Employee ownership.

We provide the long term resources our partners need to advance their legacies in the built environment

We see too many times where mergers dilute the value of a company. That’s why during an ownership transition, we operate as partners, not owners; a relationship that allows companies to grow and diversify without compromising their legacies, reputation, and opportunity to manage their business.

Central to our approach are two components. One, we provide all employees the opportunity to be shareholders, empowering them to have a stronger voice and a vested interest in our businesses’ success. And two, we bring together a diverse group of construction management and engineering businesses.

Our leadership team has held C-level positions with the most prominent infrastructure companies worldwide, maintaining a network of diverse and influential connections built on trustworthiness, honesty, and integrity. We have the experience to handle the unique challenges our family of companies face.

Our Model is Our Mission


Strategic Capital

We are capitalized by shareholders investing for the long-term and strong cash flows which allow us to merge with partners who wish an ownership transition and/or a significant capital base to grow and diversify.


Global Relationships

Our long-standing business relationships provide access to key professionals, clients, markets, and capital that help augment growth potential and extend our merger-partners’ footprint.


Industry Expertise

Our team of industry leaders ensure a wealth of AEC knowledge, global relationships, and experience. Not only advising on what to do, but also having the lessons learned to advise on what not to do. 


Employee Ownership

Investing in people is the best way to deliver value for our customers. We offer ownership to all employees, with the belief it’s easier to perform like an owner when you are one.

Our Values

Our core beliefs form the foundation of everything we do. They guide the way we conduct our business, how we treat the people and partners we work with, and why we are committed to making a positive and lasting impact.


Following a steadfast commitment to mutual respect and trust.


Creating trust and cohesion by acting with the highest ethical standards.


Investing in our people, and partner companies.


Forward thinking that identifies opportunities.


Committed to the communities in which we work and serve.


Taking pride in safe, healthy work places.


Empowering leadership and learning at all levels.